Our name “La Ghirlanda”,was chosen a long time ago. Recently, during restoration works, the 19th century frescos were revealed under several layers of paint, and as they were made up of beautiful garlands, the name acquired a special meaning.

This charming hotel enjoys an exceptional location, in the heart of the historical “Marina”, quarter. It lays right at the corner between via Lodovico Baylle and via Roma, with its famous vaulted promenade -the city’s sitting room according to the locals!

The 19th century building has valuable architectural features and its external facade is attributed by some to Gaetano Cima – but was probably built by one of his assistants.
Some of our rooms enjoy a great view of the port and the sea, the veritable trait d´union between this beautiful island and the rest of the world.

All “La Ghirlanda” rooms are quiet, furnished with particular care, to ensure our guests feel relaxed and pampered.